Why should you choose Zanzibar for your honeymoon?


honeymoons in zanzibar


Your honeymoon trip is going to be one of the most spectacular outings of your life. Seldom does one come out so calm, so many days, with so much desire to have a good time, and with such a lovely company. Why not choosing such a delicious place for such a particular moment?

You may still don’t know why Zanzibar is one of the best spots on earth for a lovely retreat. But we do, and we are here to give you some good reasons to choose Zanzibar for your Honeymoon


amazing honeymoon in Zanzibar


Zanzibar: so much to see, so much to do

Zanzibar hides secrets for everyone, magical places for both those who enjoy history and lovers of nature, sports, or the carefree joy of an enjoyable holiday.

You cannot miss visiting Zanzibar City and especially its historic centre, Stone Town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. A labyrinth of alleyways, covered steps, balustrades and beautiful doors carved; a pleasure that hides Swahili, Portuguese, Ottoman and even English influences.

You cannot also miss an outing to the Jozani Forest, the magnificent tropical forest that once covered the entire island, and that now houses many native plants and animals. Among them, the last population of red colobus left on the planet.

Although if you are a nature lover, we challenge you to have a good snorkel session in the clean and warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Maybe in the Blue Lagoon, where you can swim among tropical fish shoals and be amazed by the marine biodiversity of Zanzibar.

Moreover, if you are a sporty couple, the white beaches of the island, like Paje, are ideal for learning and practising Kite Surf thanks to winds that attract kitesurfers from all over the world.


Honeymoon in zanzibar kite surf


We take care of you in Zanzibar

However, if we truly know that you will love your honeymoon in Zanzibar, it is not (only) for what you are going to see and experience. It is because we will make your stay unforgettable, in such a way that you can relax and enjoy the experience of being newlyweds. Our hotel has all the comforts: you will be right next to the sea, you will enjoy the best local gastronomy, and we will take care of organising all your visits and activities, like a Spice route, or even a welcoming Jambo party!

Our job is to make your stay so unforgettable that in the event of leaving you just only have some words to say "we do not want to leave!"

Your only job will be to enjoy your recent marriage without any concern.


Honeymoon in zanzibar


Are you already imagining what your honeymoon will be like in the tropical paradise of Zanzibar?

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