The Ultimate Zanzibar Practical Guide


zanzibar ultimate guide


Are you planning your next vacation and have Zanzibar in mind? Then you should read this guide that we have prepared for you, in which we answer the main questions that any traveller has before deciding on a destination.

What to see, what to do, when to go, how to get there, what you should bring... keep reading and take note of everything!

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Zanzibari Cuisine: What to eat in Zanzibar?


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Zanzibar's cuisine is, like everything else, the result of its history. In fact, it is in our gastronomy where the different cultures and influences that have passed through the island can best be recognized.

The basis of our gastronomy is the Swahili food, which came to us with the first Bantu inhabitants. They were fishers, mainly, and tuna, mackerel, squids, oysters and lobster became the base of their diet.

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When travelling to Zanzibar?


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When planning a trip through Tanzania and Zanzibar, there is always the question of when the best time will be. How does the weather work here? When should I organize the safari so I can enjoy Zanzibar when it's over? When do we have the best winds for kite-surfing?

Keep reading and we will solve your doubts!

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