The East Coast of Zanzibar

 Discover the East Coast of Zanzibar


If you are coming to the island, you will be wondering where to stay in Zanzibar, and it would be easy to say “wherever you want because the whole island is lovely”, because that would be true! However, let us tell you why we chose the East Coast and our lovely hotel Dhow Inn, and why it is an excellent choice for all visitors.



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Zanzibar: culture & people



Kids walking on Paje Beach in Zanzibar


Many people say leaving Tanzania to come to Zanzibar is like leaving Africa to go to the Caribbean: long white beaches, warm waters, palm trees… we guess tropical paradises look alike, and Zanzibar is a tropical paradise indeed.

But it is undoubtedly Africa.

And you’ll love its people and its culture.


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Our guests say…


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At the Dhow Inn, we've got a mission: to make your stay in Zanzibar the best possible experience. Our island has enough to offer to make you fall in love with the land, but you need the best accommodation to really enjoy it, and we are thoroughly compromised with this task.

That's why we are so happy when our guests leave us with a smile on their face, and tons of good memories for their lives. Here are some opinions for which we're grateful.


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