Live the 2018 FIFA World Cup with us in Zanzibar!


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This year is a World Cup year, and that means tons of excitement and emotions while the games are playing and our countries struggle to keep going to the final match.

In Zanzibar, we enjoy football as much as everywhere else, and if you're here these days, you can live and enjoy it with us! Where? In our Really Big Screen!


Let’s have fun with the World Cup!

Watching the World Cup is even funnier when you are in good company, and at the Dhow Inn we're committed to your fun and happiness, so we have decided to make this World Cup an event you do not want to miss.

So we have adapted our volleyball court with chairs, tables and a Really Big Screen (yeah, we put it in capital letters, it is enormous indeed) where we will watch every match together. And that's the plan: you sit and enjoy, and we will serve you any drinks or meals you want to make the experience complete. Right in the sand, right in this tropical Paradise called Zanzibar.

And if the emotions rise a bit too high, you always can refresh yourself jumping into our pools or directly into the lovely Indian Ocean. Ten minutes and you are ready for another exciting match!

Here is the timetable for this 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia group phase, come and live it with us at the Dhow Inn!


FIFA World Cup Russia


Thursday 14 June

Russia vs Saudi Arabia (Group A)


Friday 15 June

Egypt vs Uruguay (Group A)

Morocco vs IR Iran (Group B)

Portugal vs Spain (Group B)


Saturday 16 June

France vs Australia (Group C)

Argentina vs Iceland (Group D)

Peru vs Denmark (Group C)

Croatia vs Nigeria (Group D)


Sunday 17 June

Costa Rica vs Serbia (Group E)

Germany vs Mexico (Group F)

Brazil vs Switzerland (Group E)


Monday 18 June

Sweden vs Korea Republic (Group F)

Belgium vs Panama (Group G)

Tunisia vs England (Group G)


Tuesday 19 June

Colombia vs Japan (Group H)

Poland vs Senegal (Group H)

Russia vs Egypt (Group A)


Wednesday 20 June

Portugal vs Morocco (Group B)

Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (Group A)

IR Iran vs Spain (Group B)


Thursday 21 June

Denmark vs Australia (Group C)

France vs Peru (Group C)

Argentina vs Croatia (Group D)


Friday 22 June

Brazil vs Costa Rica (Group E)

Nigeria vs Iceland (Group D)

Serbia vs Switzerland (Group E)


Saturday 23 June

Belgium vs Tunisia (Group G)

Korea Republic vs Mexico (Group F)

Germany vs Sweden (Group F)


Sunday 24 June

England vs Panama (Group G)

Japan vs Senegal (Group H)

Poland vs Colombia (Group H)


Monday 25 June

Uruguay vs. Russia (Group A)

Saudi Arabia vs Egypt (Group A)

Spain vs Morocco (Group B)

IR Iran vs Portugal (Group B)


Tuesday 26 June

Australia vs Peru (Group C)

Denmark vs France (Group C)

Nigeria vs Argentina (Group D)

Iceland vs Croatia (Group D)


Wednesday 27 June

Korea Republic vs Germany (Group F)

Mexico vs Sweden (Group F)

Serbia vs Brasil (Group E)

Switzerland vs Costa Risa (Group E)


Thursday 28 June

Japan vs Poland (Group H)

Senegal vs Colombia (Group H)

Panama vs Tunisia (Group G)

England vs Belgium (Group G)


World Cup 2018 match. England vs Belgium

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