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Zanzibar is a treasure for the senses. You already know about the breath-taking views of the island. You know about the flower and spice scent. You know about the touch of the sun on your skin and the sand under your feet. However, do you know how Zanzibar tastes?


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The taste of tropical nature


Zanzibari cuisine gets its distinctive flavour from the fruits of the land. And what does the land provide? Juicy vegetables, delicious fish, unparalleled seafood, and native spices.

Everybody coming to Zanzibar praise the taste of our lobsters and our fish barbecues, same as they honour the views while they're eating them. But of course, as a desired and conquered island in the past, Zanzibar is a mixture of cultures, and so our cuisine adopts influences from many different kitchens: Arabian, Portuguese, Western food above a base of Swahili recipes.


The trips you remember the most are not those where you see great things, but those where you also eat like a King/Queen. Moreover, at the Dhow Inn we do our best to make you discover, touch, smell and taste Zanzibar.


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Dhow Inn Gastronomic Offers


We offer you a true Zanzibari kitchen, a mixture of the Unguja traditional recipes with the European touch that you can enjoy both in our bar and in our restaurant.


Fish and seafood are the kings of the kitchen. Before the soup of the day (always with fresh market products) you can delight with a slipper lobster salad or a prawn salad with exquisite watermelon jell or steak tartar with mustard ice cream, if you want to leave the fish for the main course: grilled octopus, tuna steak, grilled lobster, seafood ravioli… all with the most delightful sauces and the spice touch that makes it unique.



tartar with moustars mousse in dhow inn zanzibar restaurant


In our bar, on the other hand, you can get a special snack or light meals with your drinks: go for the local with our prawns and vegetable tempura, our calamari sticks or the tasty Indian Samosa with different fillings.

Nostalgic of Western dishes? Not with us: in our bar, you can find the juiciest burgers and a wide selection of pizza. Or maybe you’ll go for a baguette? We’ve got the Frenchy, the Yankee or the Milanese options for a European flavour, but also a delicious Samaki baguette with the best of our grilled fish.


calamari peas zanzibar flavours


Because that's the key to our cuisine: the blend of the Western taste with the Swahili-Zanzibari traditional cooking.  

So, what do you want for dinner? ;)



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