The East Coast of Zanzibar

 Discover the East Coast of Zanzibar


If you are coming to the island, you will be wondering where to stay in Zanzibar, and it would be easy to say “wherever you want because the whole island is lovely”, because that would be true! However, let us tell you why we chose the East Coast and our lovely hotel Dhow Inn, and why it is an excellent choice for all visitors.





The secrets and treasures of the East Coast of Zanzibar


Our island, Unguja, has different degrees of urbanisation depending on the zones. The north and west coasts are much more populated than the east one: more towns, more buildings, more hotels, and of course, the capital city, Zanzibar. That means more nightlife, but also more noise, less peace, and not the whole feeling of Paradise a place like our island can provide.


The East of Zanzibar feels more isolated, you’re surrounded by long beaches and tropical forests, and palm trees are the typical landscape: a dreamed place to get lost, to focus on your pleasure forgetting everything else. The strong tides completely transform the view from the morning to the afternoon, and the east winds make the zone a premium location for kite-surfing. Moreover, you’re quite near to the main attractions of the island, such as Stone Town, Jozani Forest, the Blue Lagoon or the spice plantations.


However, what will you find in the East Coast itself? Lovely places like these:



This village, on the north side of this coast, provides a relaxing environment where to lose the sense of time. Blend with the locals and enjoy one of the best beaches on the island.


Beautiful beach with white sand. Matemwe, Zanzibar



Just in the other extreme from Matemwe, in the southeastern end of Unguja, raises this small but fascinating village. On the coast, you have got the picturesque beach with the tireless fishermen working in their dhows, and an old, colonial lighthouse you will surely want to visit and take some pictures. In the surroundings, you will find ancient shrines and local culture, and what is probably the biggest baobab tree in all Unguja.


Fishemen and palm trees in the tropical beach of Zanzibar island



Kiwengwa is one of the most known beaches of the East Coast. However, it would be best if you walked into the south until you reach the incredible white sand arc so-called Pongwe. This is total isolation. Just the tropical forest, the sand, the Indian Ocean and you.


3 pongwe beach zanzibar


Michamvi Peninsula

The East Coast of Zanzibar is broken, and the sea infiltrates into the land on Chwaka Bay, right into the mangroves of Jozani Forest. Enclosing this bay, you find the Michamvi Peninsula, which should be a must for you: dreamy beaches, several landscapes with the Indian Ocean one side and the mangroves and the bay on the other, and one of the most picturesque restaurants of the island, placed upon a rock!


Michamvi Beach, Zanzibar



And of course, on the East Coast, you have Paje. For many, the best beach of the island if you travel with kids or to practice kite-surfing; an idyllic place to relax, for walking and enjoying the tropical feeling in shallow waters.

The town itself, however, has grown and offers an excellent variety of activities, shopping and nightlife, so every traveller will find in Paje just what he or she is searching.


Dhow Inn Resort. Paje beach, Zanzibar


It is also probably the best spot to sleep because of its centric location that will make shorter any trip to any other point of the island. And it is where we wait for you, at the Dhow Inn, to provide you with a perfect staying in our island, and to make it easy for you to love it.

So, book your room with us and get ready to live the real tropical experience in Zanzibar!

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