Top 5 beaches to enjoy in Zanzibar

Check out the top 5 beaches around Zanzibar


Zanzibar has plenty of places to visit and activities to enjoy, as you can see just with a fast check of our blog. But let’s be clear: if there is something you will do here for sure, it is a day on the beach. Or several!

Why? Easy: because here you will find some of the best beaches around the world. White sands. Warm water. Breath-taking landscapes. Check out the top 5 beaches around Zanzibar to enjoy all this, and much more, on a trip you won't forget.


Today we introduce the 5 best beaches in Zanzibar


Nakupenda Beach

Visitors fall in love with this beach because of the scenic trip and ambience. Nakupenda is an inhabited islet, just a tongue of white sand in the middle of the Indian Ocean (although very close to Stone Town) that you must reach with a boat.

There’s nothing there but the sand and the sea, and an infinite range of white, green and blue shades.

Tips: great place for snorkelling, you will love the starfish. And remember to bring food and drink, since there’s no human activity there and you’ll find no bars or restaurants.


Nakupenda beach is a sand bank in the Indian Ocean near Zanzibar


Jambiani Beach

This fantastic beach is really affected by the tides, so with low tide, you'll have miles of sand to play and shallow waters to explore, and with a high tide, you can swim in the warmest waters on Earth.

Bars and restaurants surround the area, so you can spend the whole day in Jambiani enjoying the tides coming and going.


Jambiani beach changes a lot with the tides


Nungwi Beach

This beach, in the northern point of Zanzibar, has a particularity: it’s barely the only coast on the island that is not affected by the tides. A beach for the swimmers, and for whom the sand is just the place where you can rest a few minutes before jumping again in the water.

It also has the most "party" ambience you’ll find in Zanzibar, so if night fun is what you seek, Nungwi is the beach you must visit during the daylight.


The best Zanzibar beach for swimmers is Nungwi beach


Paje Beach

What can we tell about the beach where the Dhow Inn raises? We just love this coast. We love the smooth white sand, the fine and clear waters, the shallows, and the winds that make Paje Beach a perfect place to practise Kite-Surfing.

A beach both for relax, diving and doing water sports.


Paje Beach is the best place in the world to practise kitesurfing


Matemwe Beach

Total calm. The whitest sands in Zanzibar. An incredible, photographic sunrise. And a coral reef protecting the whole beach that makes it perfect both for swimming and snorkeling. Are these features enough for you to fall in love with this beach? In Matemwe you will discover hundreds of different, colourful starfishes, and many other marine creatures. But watch out with sea urchins!


A coral reef protects the whole beach what makes it perfect for snorkeling


And remember you can always count on us to recommend you the best beach to go at any time and to help you organise your trip (and even the meal!), if you want to explore other beaches apart from Paje. At Dhow Inn, we just want you to have the best holidays of your life!

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