Why is Zanzibar a perfect destination for learning Kitesurfing?


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The endless beaches of fine white sand and the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean make Zanzibar an ideal destination to relax and live a real tropical vacation.

This island offers much more active possibilities for fans of water sports. In fact, its geography, its waters and its winds turn it a reference point for Kitesurfing lovers, who know that it has some of the best coasts on the planet to learn or practice Kitesurf.

In today’s post we want to tell you about the Paje beach, one the most beautiful areas of Zanzibar, and also a dream location for many kitesurfers around the world.

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What do kite surfers find in Paje that makes them love it so much?

Paje beach, in the southeast of the island, has a particular geographical location that makes it receive the Winds lash steadily. In fact, there are two seasons in the year in which it is almost impossible the wind does not blow:

  • From December to March: During this period, the Kaskazi It is a northeast wind that reaches 10 knots in the morning, making it ideal for beginners. From midday, it blows with forces from 15 to 22 knots that allow you to surf on your board for the rest of the day as long as your body holds out.
  • From June to September: This is the season of Kuzi, one of the most appreciated winds for Kite surfing. It is a cross-shore wind blowing from the south-southeast, with an average force range between 15 and 20 knots, although in the afternoon it can reach peaks up to 28 knots due to thermal inversion. Veterans deeply enjoy these season’s afternoons.


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Besides these meteorological conditions of the beach, we must add the physical ones: the water in Paje is usually at 27°C, which saves you carrying with a neoprene suit. From June to September it can lower a couple of degrees, but it is still warm and friendly, so all the protection you need is just a swimsuit and sunscreen.

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On the other hand, it is an extensive and level beach of flat water, sprinkled by some shallow lagoons. This makes Paje beach ideal not only to practice kitesurfing but also to start and learn it.

Moreover, dolphins in the area seem to like this sport, because many times they accompany the kite surfers jumping right next to them!

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