Water activities you can do in Zanzibar


Water activities you can do in Zanzibar


The Indian Ocean is something special. For two remarkable reasons: its significant biodiversity, and its temperature. We are talking about the warmest ocean on planet Earth, and when it comes to the Zanzibar shores, water is at 25-27°C (depending on the season).

Can you imagine how pleasant can be bathing in these waters? Moreover, how many sports and activities can you practice here in Zanzibarian coasts and beaches?

Let’s dive into it ;)

Dolphin Watching

Anybody who loves Nature loves dolphin watching, and Zanzibar is the right place to go for it. Especially to the south of the island, in the shallows of a coastal town called Kizimkasi, which turns out to be a usual dolphin hangout. They love to go there and swim and jump and play, right before the amazed visitor’s eyes.

They are living, wild creatures, so we cannot 100 % guarantee you will spot them on your trip. However, we can tell you how rare is to come back to the hotel without spotting a Bottlenose dolphin or even Humpback whales playing along.


Dolphins swimming and junmping during a boat trip in Zanzibar


Game Fishing

Do you enjoy fishing? If the answer is yes, then Zanzibar has something to show you, because we have got one of the best deep-sea fishing in the Indian Ocean. Our waters are full of life, and big game fish gather around the island, especially in the channel between Zanzibar and Pemba.

Barracuda, Kingfish, Wahoo and Giant Trevally dwell in our waters the whole year, which is, by itself, a thrilling experience. However, seasonally, you will also catch Tuna, Marlin or Dorado, and yes, they will be huge catches.


Fisherman with giant wahoo fish caught in the Indian sea near Zanzibar


Scuba Diving

For those who prefer to watch underwater life rather than fishing it, scuba diving is a must-do experience in Zanzibar. Just go and dive into a whirl of life and colour of thousands of species:

  • Cuttlefish and Octopus, the grand master of underwater camouflage.
  • Several Moray Eel species: Peppered, Giant, Honeycomb, Ribbon Eels, among many others. You will get amazed by that backwards swimming only performed by them.
  • Exotic Shrimps and Crabs, such as Mantis Shrimp, Harlequin Shrimp, or Porcelain Crab.
  • Different species of calm, lonely Sea Turtles to swim next to.
  • Blue Spotted Ray and other Ray species, and even White Tip Reef Shark if you are lucky!
  • Seahorses, nudibranchs, starfishes, and tropical and reef fish such as Frogfish, Trumpetfish, Napoleon Wrasse, Crocodile Fish, Scorpionfish, Razor Fish, and so many others.

If you are up to underwater photography, here in Zanzibar, you will get the best marine macro you can expect.


Practice scuba diving and swim among colourful fishes in Zanzibar


Kite Surfing

Zanzibar is a world-class destiny to practice Kite Surfing both for beginners and for masters of this thrilling sport. Moreover, Paje beach is maybe the best spot on the island. You can find all the info you need in this article.

Besides, if you want to learn or improve your skills, we have even a Kite Surf school for you at Kite Dream Zanzibar!


Zanzibar is the best palce in the world for kitesurfing



Stand Up Paddle, or Paddle Surf, is the trend sport here and there, and you will have the chance to practice and enjoy it here in Zanzibar. It is not just about the water and the climate. It is the experience of calmly paddling through the Zanzibarian mangroves what makes it unforgettable.

You have plenty of water activities to choose in our dear island, and all of them will fulfil what you expect of them. Moreover, to make it easier for you, we can arrange whatever activity you desire to do here, at Dhow Inn. So, what’s stopping you from living the experience of your life?


Prove your balance practising stand up paddle surfing in Zanzibar

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