Zanzibar with kids: an experience they’ll never forget


Bringing the kids with you to this little Paradise called Zanzibar is an idea you'll not regret. Our island has plenty of places and activities that will delight the children, and in the Swahili culture, kids are strongly beloved.

Here you have some cool experiences you can live with your children when visiting Zanzibar.


Beach, of course

Let’s not forget the basics. Any kid loves the beach. And any kid falls in love with the Indian Sea. The warm and crystal clear waters; the white and soft sand, and the incredibly exotic look of the beaches, turn a regular beach day into a tropical experience thoroughly enjoyable for all the family. 

You will have plenty of time to relax, play and bath in front of your room on Paje Beach, or in any other of the beautiful Zanzibari beaches.


Any kid loves the beach, and Zanzibar has lots of wonderful beaches, so there's a perfect match!


Marine life and the kids

Children love underwater life. Visiting Zanzibar brings you the opportunity to make them live it in a way no aquarium can do. Practice snorkelling on the Blue Lagoon or any other diving spots, and get amazed by thousands of colourful fishes around you. Meet the clownfish, the angelfish, the moray eel, the starfish, and many other species living in our coral reefs.

However, underwater life does not finish here. Would you like going for a boat trip to spot dolphins? Sure! They love our waters and use them to dwell and play in different spots of Zanzibar coast. We’ll get you and your family to them, and the kids will have the rare opportunity to see dolphins, and even whales, free in the nature playing next to them.


Childre love underwater life, and here they can practice snorkeling or meet the dolphins


The fascinating Jozani Forest

The trip to Jozani Forest is another excursion your children will genuinely enjoy. A lush tropical forest with wooden walkways between the mangroves, which makes you feel you are in an adventure, surrounded by astonishing biodiversity: butterflies, reptiles, 40 different species of birds, antelopes, and… monkeys! Is there any child that does not love monkeys? But here in Zanzibar, we don't have ordinary monkeys. Meet the red colobus, a Zanzibari endemic monkey with just a few thousands of specimens remaining. They all live at the Jozani Forest! And they're so used to human presence that your kids will spot them for sure.


They'll be amazed by the wild nature in Jambiani Forest, where they'll meet the Red Colobus monkey



Let us finish with a little trip that always delights children. It's a tiny island called Prison Island, right in front of Stone Town. Some time ago, this place was used to isolate the sick people and avoid illness from being spread. Today, there is a colony of giant turtles, many of which are centenary specimens. All kids love those venerable, slow, and ancient creatures.

As you see, there are lots of experiences here in Zanzibar to create an indelible mark in the memory of your children.

Grant them with the trip of their lives. Come to Zanzibar.


If any adult get impressed by Aldabra giant tortoises, you can imagine how a kid will live that experience!


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