Zanzibar underwater fauna: a whole kingdom of colour


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Nature is a treasure for everyone in the world. And we are proud to show our part of that treasure. Zanzibar may be a not-so-big archipelago, but thousands of species live and lure on the ground, as we saw in the last post… and thousands more wait for you underwater.

This month, we hold our breath to discover the secrets of Zanzibar’s underwater fauna.

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Zanzibar fauna on the ground: much more than Red Colobus


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When you organize a trip to Zanzibar, one of the first interesting points in all guides is the visit to Jozani-Chwaka Bay National Park. There you can spot the last free specimens of the famous Red Colobus, an endemic species of monkey. And let’s face it: you cannot leave Zanzibar without saying hi to our red little friends!

But the fauna of the island has much more to show you, underwater and above. Today, we’ll keep on the ground to discover many other species and interesting mysteries about Zanzibar wildlife.

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Zanzibar flora: a whole world of colours and scents


mangrove forest flora zanzibar


Rare, local animals are one of the main attractions when you visit some “exotic” country, really far away from your home. But what about the flora? Let us show you how many interesting plants, flowers and seaweeds you will find in Zanzibar, and why they do deserve your time when you visit us.

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