Zanzibar flora: a whole world of colours and scents


mangrove forest flora zanzibar


Rare, local animals are one of the main attractions when you visit some “exotic” country, really far away from your home. But what about the flora? Let us show you how many interesting plants, flowers and seaweeds you will find in Zanzibar, and why they do deserve your time when you visit us.

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Honeymoon in Zanzibar: know better the love island

0 honeymon in zanzibar


Zanzibar is one of the best-rated destinations for honeymooners, both as a final part of the biggest safari-trip in Tanzania and as a unique destination for these special and romantic days.

And there are very good reasons for this success because Zanzibar hides lots of places and moments a “Just Married” couple will never forget.

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The East Coast of Zanzibar

 Discover the East Coast of Zanzibar


If you are coming to the island, you will be wondering where to stay in Zanzibar, and it would be easy to say “wherever you want because the whole island is lovely”, because that would be true! However, let us tell you why we chose the East Coast and our lovely hotel Dhow Inn, and why it is an excellent choice for all visitors.



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