Zanzibar Culture 2: Art, Religion & Tradition


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"Hakuna Matata"

You have heard these words before. It wasn’t a Disney invention: it’s a Swahili phrase, that means “no worries/no problem”. And it’s a significant trait of our culture. We are a calm, respectful and friendly people who try to enjoy life at their own pace.

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Zanzibar Culture: A History of Crossed Influence


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Zanzibar is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, about 30km off the mainland coast. It’s composed by several islands, the main of them being Pemba and Unguja (the biggest one, the one we usually call “Zanzibar”).

But you already know this. What you may not know is that we’re part of Tanzania, so speaking of Zanzibar culture implies speaking of Tanzania as a whole… and what a wonderful mixture of cultures Tanzania is!

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Stone Town: What to See, What to Love


treasures from stone town


The best way to arrive to Zanzibar is by ferry from Dar Es Salaam. Why? Because you step off the ferry just in the promenade of the heart of the island. Zanzibar City can be the formal capital. But Stone Town, the historical centre… that’s the soul of our society. And you’ll get hooked by it at first glance.

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