The perfect trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar


honeymoon in Zanzibar



Thousands of visitors come to Zanzibar every year to discover the tropical feeling and the relaxation of our island. Some of them come exclusively to practice kitesurfing; others come for fishing or snorkelling, but many of them come to Zanzibar as a part of a more extended trip that includes Tanzania.

Why? Because it is probably the BEST way to enjoy Africa in its plenitude.


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Zanzibar Flavours: discover the Dhow Inn Restaurant


lobster and seafood in tanzania


Zanzibar is a treasure for the senses. You already know about the breath-taking views of the island. You know about the flower and spice scent. You know about the touch of the sun on your skin and the sand under your feet. However, do you know how Zanzibar tastes?


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Have the best Christmas Holidays of your life in Zanzibar


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Christmas holidays are coming, and you know how you usually live them: with cold weather and even snow, warm clothes and heavy food. And singing “Jingle bells”.

Now, how about living this Christmas in an entirely different way? We propose you the opposite, indeed: warm weather and warm seas, your swimsuit, and delicious fresh fish for dinner. Impossible? Not in Zanzibar.

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