Why should you choose Zanzibar for your honeymoon?


honeymoons in zanzibar


Your honeymoon trip is going to be one of the most spectacular outings of your life. Seldom does one come out so calm, so many days, with so much desire to have a good time, and with such a lovely company. Why not choosing such a delicious place for such a particular moment?

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Know more about Zanzibar, the spice island


zanzibar spice island holidays


When Christopher Columbus arrived in America in 1492 looking for the route to spices, the Portuguese had already been exploring and mapping the coasts of Africa for decades with the same objective. Bartolomé Dias arrived at Cape of Good Hope in 1488, opening the route to the east and the Indian Ocean. And finally, in 1499, it was the celebrated Vasco de Gama who arrived at some beautiful African islands whose fragrance was perceived from a distance: the smell of spices.

Those islands were Unguja and Pemba, that is, Zanzibar. And it was quite predictable they would go down in history as the Islands of Spices.

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How to organize my trip to Zanzibar?


best hotels in zanzibar


The paradisiacal archipelago of Zanzibar is a preferred destination as much as part of safari trips through Kenya or Tanzania as well as individually. The islands of Pemba and Zanzibar have enough charms to get all the attention! We speak of over 2600 km2 of exuberant nature, spice fragrances, fine white sandy beaches for relax, warm waters for snorkelling and kite-surfing, and historical centres such as the Stone City, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

The welcoming character of the Zanzibari, the security of the streets, and an ideal climate have just made this visit thoroughly recommended. But did you know that you do not even need to stop by a travel agency to come to Zanzibar? Organizing a trip is much simpler than you think.

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