Zanzibar underwater fauna: a whole kingdom of colour


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Nature is a treasure for everyone in the world. And we are proud to show our part of that treasure. Zanzibar may be a not-so-big archipelago, but thousands of species live and lure on the ground, as we saw in the last post… and thousands more wait for you underwater.

This month, we hold our breath to discover the secrets of Zanzibar’s underwater fauna.

The Quiet Animal: snorkelling in Zanzibar coral reefs

Ok, so you are staying at the Dhow Inn these holidays and you ask us for some snorkelling, and we say “yeah”, and there you go and… see all those colourful "rocks" underwater? They are not rocks. They are the quietest animals of the sea: corals. 

Tropical waters of Zanzibar host up to 200 different coral species, which have built coral reefs all along the coast. Snorkelling in one of those coral reefs is an unmatchable experience since hundreds of other species use the reef as home… and as a dining room!   

 2 fish and corals in zanzibar sea


Can you name the fish?

First, you get the static colours of the coral, then you see the dynamic colours of the tropical fish. We're talking of about 500 different species, which include endangered ones (like the Humphead fish), and incredible creatures like the Frogfish, Crocodile Fish, Trumpetfish, or the dangerous Stonefish. You will fall in love with Seahorses for sure!

Just take all the pics you can, and try to find later what was their name.


3 humphead fish


Turtles and other marine animals

Green Turtle and Hawksbill Turtle are the two main marine turtle species you’ll find in Zanzibar. But the list of underwater species never ends: octopuses, cuttlefish, different raids species, crabs, starfish, or the mantis shrimp…

If you love visiting your local Aquarium, the experience of snorkelling or diving in Zanzibar is a must.


5 see turtles and sealife in your zanzibar holidays


Marine mammals in Zanzibar

If all this life is not enough for you, we leave the mammals for the final part of the show. Because many different species of mammals live or pass by our coasts. As, for example:

  • Humpback Whale: behold their migration from August to September.
  • Sperm whales: not easy to see, but they are here for sure!
  • Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin: at least two pods of up to 40 dolphins live permanently in our coasts, and it's rare for the visitor not to see them.
  • Humpback dolphin: another usual neighbour of our waters.
  • Spotted dolphins and Common bottlenose are not permanent residents, but they are also seen from time to time.


4 meet bottlenose dolphins and visit our resort in zanzibar


Too much to see just underwater! But don't panic: just ask us at the Dhow Inn, and we will arrange for you an unforgettable snorkelling experience at the coral reefs or a trip to see the dolphins… and if you are lucky, maybe some whale, or even a Whale shark!

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