Snorkeling in Zanzibar: what will you see?


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Leaving Zanzibar without snorkelling is like going to Paris and missing the Eiffel Tower.

The spellbinding turquoise waters surrounding the island receive thousands of visitors from around the world each year, who consider this enclave as one of the best diving areas in East Africa. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the absence of significant currents in the snorkelling areas become mere supplements for the main course: a burst of lush and colourful marine life before your eyes as soon as you dip your head.


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The underwater life of Zanzibar

The tropical waters of Zanzibar stand out for their exceptional clarity, which allows much more light to pass and thus acquire that magical turquoise.

But the clarity becomes much more valuable under water because it shines the colours of the coral reefs, and more than six hundred species of tropical fish swimming upon them: parrot fish, clown fish, angel fish, butterfly fish, trumpet fish... The rocks and reefs also provide shelter for moray eels and different species of crabs and octopuses. And in the more open areas, rays amaze you with their elegance and sea turtles charm you with their sympathy.

It is not usual to spot as much biodiversity as you can see in the warm waters of Zanzibar.


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Where to snorkel in Paje?

Zanzibar has many ideal areas for snorkelling beyond Unguja, such as Pemba Island, Mnemba Atoll or Mafia Island. But from Paje the better option is always the Blue Lagoon.


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The Safari Blue Company is responsible for instructing divers and taking them in a traditional Dhow to this dreamy lagoon, where the visitor will live an unforgettable experience. Especially with low tide, which is the best time to snorkel. With less space to manoeuvre, the shoals of tropical fishes twist and splinter in a thousand flashes before the astonished eyes of the divers, squeezing between them and surrounding them like they were just another marine creature.

Also with the sea at its lowest level, at the Blue Lagoon, the diver swims much closer to the rocks, the corals and the sandy bottoms. And there it reveals a new dimension of underwater life which is otherwise reserved for oxygen dives: families of clown fish dancing amongst the anemones, the stalking octopus you were not able to see until it moved to flee or eat a crab, or dozens of colourful starfish species sliding on the sand.


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Zanzibar will amaze you in many different ways, but if there is an experience that will remain in your memory for the years to come, it is undoubtedly a snorkel day in the Blue Lagoon.

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